Marcin Konkel

Short: Details

Often we see them for a blink of an eye thus not noticing the exact shape, feel, look of the intricacies. Always on the run or with a distracted focus we try to delve for details but if done too quickly they tend to not show up. It takes time and attention to discover the small things, yet the most interesting ones, that are in an object that we have seen dozens of times but didn't bother to stop and look, listen, touch. On one opener exhibition in Warsaw by Robert Kuśmirowski titled "graduation tower" (pl. tężnia) I've done such an experiment and you can see the outcome below.

Rust. Lots of it. Items slowly deteriorating and giving way to the newer things to come. "Tężnia" project still stands in front of Zamek Ujazdowski (starting Nov 2nd, 2015) and will continue to stand till the first thaws. The first time it was shown was in 2014 in Kielce city.

Dust. Untouched. Sitting on in the structure of the graduation tower. In cold, during the day, during the night. As the author states. the items shows in "Tężnia" are going through a proces of change. From being warehouse material they are transformed to exhibition items, focusing viewers attention and creating nostalgia (through the consciousness of deterioration and end of their existance).

The tool of time. Time has kept some of the items frozen as if someone has left them there and never revisited. "This inhaling of art of an accidental set, derived from magazines and left behind for self-destruction in public space."

WARSAW | A woman walking through an exhibition in front of Zamek Ujazdowski.