Marcin Konkel

A never-ending horizon

WARSAW | Palace of Culture and Science as seen from the 42nd floor of Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 in early evening.

There are these places that let you experience the world from hight above in the sky as if from a birds perspective. Although I've seen a few such places (most awe-inspiring being The Shard) they keep on mesmerising me with their endless horizon and illuminating city lights. The world seems so small and you atop of it all. For some it may inflate their ego and for others it may show the wonder of human thought, engineering and how we, as human beings, transform what's around us. Sometimes altering forever what we found in the first place.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting the 42nd floor of a skyscraper Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 constructed in recent years (2014 to be exact) in Warsaw. The weather was just perfect and I couldn't imagine a better opportunity for the photo session I was to hold. Warm, sunny, blue sky with some clouds here and there. The building, for the time being, is the second highest construction in the capital and third in Poland (according to Wikipedia) being 160 meters high with 44 storeys. As the name suggests it's based on Twarda street. What it offers to it's inhabitants can be found on Tacit Investment website. Kudos to Ms Agnieszka for having me! 

Below you can see how the capital city of Poland looks like from over 150 meters above the ground.

WARSAW | Spektrum Tower, Warsaw Spire and Warsaw Trade Tower on the right. View towards Mirów district.

Apart from the amenities the building offers a spectacular view on Warsaw - especially the Palace of Culture and Science, the Old Town, Żoliborz district and many others from 360 degrees perspective. The horizon is endless in most cases. A pair of good binoculars, clear weather and a good coffee (or alcohol) can end in hours spent just looking through the massive windows. 

The design of Cosmopolitan was created by a German-American architect Helmut Jahn known for designs such as the Sony Center on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and  One Liberty Place, formerly the tallest building in Philadelphia. It seems that quite recently in Poland the big names designing buildings in prestigious locations is not something extraordinary no more. A nearby skyscraper Złota 44, for instance, was designed by Daniel Libeskind - a world renown Polish-American architect. 

The city centre in the capital of Poland is getting tighter every year with new office and apartment buildings rising in the sky. Time will tell what amenities the constructions will need to have to attract businesses and inhabitants to choose them instead of the competition or a house on the city outskirts. Still, the view is the primary factor for moving in the centre and this you cannot get it in any other place as spectacular as in the centre.

WARSAW / Palace of Science and Culture (PKiN) lit in several colours. View towards Mokotów.The illumination of PKiN is in whole variety of colours. During the modernisation in 2010 high power LED lights were installed. The effect is as it it was a huge rocket right before takeoff being visible almost from every corner of the city.
WARSAW / PKiN after sunset.
WARSAW / ONZ roundabout. View towards Ochota and Mirów.On the left the highest building being Rondo 1. The long artery being Prosta steet. On the immediate right one can see famous Club The View on the roof of Spektrum Tower. In the distance, also on the right, is Warsaw Spire.
WARSAW / Jana Pawła II alley and Muranów district.Muranów is rather poorly lit (when compared to other disctricts) during the night and consisting with, mostly, blocks of flats. Jana Pawła II street is leading towards Zgrupowania AK "Radosław" roundabout. The roundobout has a mast with Polish flag on it which is a memorial of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Read more atław_Group
WARSAW / Świętokrzyska street and Praga and Powiśle districts.Świętokrzyska visible as the main artery. Most Świętokrzyski and National Stadium (located in Praga district) in the background.
WARSAW / Grzybowski square in the night with Church of All Saints.
WARSAW | PKiN clock showing current time and Puławska street and Church of the Holiest Saviour in the far background on the right of the Palace.The inhabitants of higher levels of Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 skyscraper and few other skyscrapers in the neighbourhood need not to buy a clock as one is right in front of them.
Enjoying the view after the photo session.