Marcin Konkel

Short: WAW - ARN

SWEDEN / Stockholm as seen from above.

Stockholm stands for what Swedish minimalist design is. The city, at times, looks like taken from an Ikea catalogue and I mean that in a good way. Starting with the street lamps to the favourite coffee houses of local inhabitants (like Espresso House or Wayne’s Coffee) - all seem to resemble the minimalism. Swedes also have a long lasting love for coffee (it's delicious) and are considered among the top nations in terms of consumption. See few of my other shots blow during a recent brief trip to the city.

STOCKHOLM / An old-school cinema at Kungsgatan 24.
SWEDEN / Kungsgatan street in Stockholm.
STOCKHOLM / One of Stockholm's streets.
STOCKHOLM / A sidewalk in the city centre, Stockholm.
STOCKHOLM / Stockholm Public Library.Designed by Swedish architect Gunnar Asplund, and one of the city's most notable structures.

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