Marcin Konkel

Kamchatka 2016 postponed

This is the first time when one of my projects has been put on hold. Together with the Team we decided to pivot due to people coming and going. Some people got in, some got out. Well, c'est la vie. We tried to keep the momentum going and thought about changing the destination to Georgia and move through Azerbaijan to Iran (Teheran) and then back to Georgia through Armenia. Nevertheless, due to the war outbreak between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh region and the instability of the situation lead us to plan a journey to another region - Central Asia.

Central Asia region. Copyright (C) by Google Maps 2016.

We quickly worked on the schedule of the planned route from Kazakhstan through Kyrgyzstan to Dushanbe, Tajikistan. In plans we had the Pamir Highway and bazars of the Silk Road.  This also took the wrong turn and we won't be pursing this direction. Yet, the plan is there to use in the upcoming years and it's epic. 

For the time being, the only souvenir from Kamchatka I have is a small tin can of salmon roe (ru. икра лосося) bought in Ukraine. As the expiration date is quite long I'm keeping it as a souvenir to remind me of the adventure that's still ahead.