Marcin Konkel

Short: Warsaw

The beachWarsaw's West part has "Vistula steps" and the East has it's beach. People prefer both parts but the difference is that on the concrete steps drinking in public is prohibited and the beach does not have any regulations as the law is unclear about the space. This invites various groups of people every evening that want to enjoy a bit of rest. The beach gives people also some more space and, in effect, seems to be less crowded.
Warszawa PowisleThe first hipster location in Warsaw adapted in the place of a PKP (national railways) ticket office. Now a cultural and culinary sport in Powisle district.
Rowan.Pole Mokotowskie park is crowded during the summer. No wonder as lots of green space is available for everyone. Even the grass which in Poland it's often a "no-go" space due to several government regulations.
A gramophone.An old gramophone and a stylish chair located in Pole Mokotowskie park a part of weekend celebrations of this disctrict.
Mastalerski & Radecki.When strolling through various blocks of Filtrowa street you may notice this small, very old plaque stating the company who produced this fence. It has probably more then 30 years.