Marcin Konkel

Short: Summer breeze

WARSAW / Pole Mokotowskie park.This vast (one of the biggest in the capital) parks has some crowded as well as secluded places. A fantastic place for a picnic, taking a slackline and few friends or a bike ride.

I'm in between things at the moment working towards regaining my attention to elements that really matter thus not much is happening here in terms of longer texts. Two to four trips in Europe and beyond await me in the upcoming months and you can expect new photographs pouring in starting September. For the time being I'm using the summer and close proximity of park to unwind and rethink things. These few shots I've taken recently around Poland.

GDYNIA / "Dreamer" a figure near the beach and marina.Gdynia is thought to be one of the best places to live in Poland according to numerous researches. Taking the stats aside it has the perfect mix of nature and modernism.
GDYNIA / Ship's body.In Gdynia's marina there are few ships that are awaiting renovation. Their bodies taken from the water longing for a fresh layer of paint at the same time showing the details hidden underneath it - wood or other material.
WARSAW / Two bikes parked under a tree.Numerous people (locals or tourists) take a bike and rest under a tree in the shadow on a warm summer day.
WARSAW / Flowers.
KASHUBIA / A frog.Chilling on the verge of a small pond.