Marcin Konkel

People that have and keep on inspiring me

On the Internet, there is a lot of great works to be found by the known and the less-known. Whether they're photographers, graphic artists, film-makers or bloggers - you can admire their work and dedication from anywhere in the world. This handful of inspiration, a collection of carefully chosen portfolios, is something I wanted to share with you. They have inspired me (and still do), influenced the way I see things. I am sure that what you'll see on these pages will add value to your perspective as well.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Doisneau

Magnum Photos

Annie Leibovitz

Steve McCurry

Richard Avedon

Denis Zilber

Tomasz Tomaszewski

Bart Pogoda

Silvia Senckova

Maciek Ostrowski

Emily Shu

Filip Dujardin

Justin Renteria

Cory Richards

Natalia Borecka

Michał Huniewicz

Oprisco Photography

Erick Kim

Chase Jarvis

Zalmy Berkowitz

Alan Schaller