Marcin Konkel

Eager to reunite

The fans on the ceiling are slowly mixing the air. The atmosphere is dense with people and a faint influx of semi-autumn air as the temperature dropped to 15 C. It seems as if the heat and the sun have both taken a hike. It's September all right. I'm sitting in a retro café and just got to know I've taken somebody else's seat but they don't mind.

I must admit that I have a hidden empathy for this kind of weather. Perhaps it evokes some memories or pushes me towards inner reflection. Hard to say. It's more mysterious and nostalgic contrary to the summer's full blossom. That I am certain of.

I'm eager to reunite yet another year with the initial autumn vibe which, the above-described weather, is for me a praeludium to the next season. It's my favourite time of the year - best observed in nature and in the form of valleys, mountain slopes and tucked in villages. It can be appreciated in the city as well like Cracow's "Planty", Warsaw's Savior Square or campus of Gdansk University of Technology. That being said, I went too far ahead of time. It's still 'summer' technically speaking. Below you can see few random shots from my summer encounters - all in black and white contrary to the ubiquitous summer colours.  

Fields on the suburbs of Cracow.
View on industrial district of Cracow.
Fallen trees after a thunderstorm with strong winds hit Poland's north coast.
Two boys fishing at Dąbrowskie lake in Kashubia.
Bird whisperer in Pole Mokotowskie park in Warsaw.
Hidden. Warsaw.