Marcin Konkel

From the hip

Czesław Niemen's "Pod Papugami" was sipping from an old radio hidden somewhere among the antiques. It was autumn already and it was raining every now and then. Because of that, the crowd was rather unimpressive on the most popular antique market in Warsaw located in Wola district. Nevertheless, you could hear people from France, Spain and even Japan. Probably tourist yet they were looking carefully at the inventory of the street sellers. Those, on the other hand, were occupied in their lectures, performing some calculations or actively enchanting prospective clients.

In most cases, the people working here were elderly gentleman or ladies with few exceptions. It seems that this niche has not been passed through the generations just yet. The market was large. Many stalls went round the initial designated area and on the pavement surrounding the space. You could buy everything with very few knick-knacks. Mostly, these were interesting goods for really decent prices.

Around the stalls friends were chatting, couples were discussing and customers were asking. It seemed as if it was the daily grind here. People knowing one another for years and years or even decades. There came another Polish classic tune from the 60s or 70s - nothing revolutionary or dynamic yet perfectly matching the atmosphere and time of the year. One could sit on a stall in a corner somewhere and never get bored observing the hustle and bustle.

The photographs you see were taken "from the hip" level as candid shots. I was testing to what extent it is possible to capture moments while not operating the camera from the eye. Judge by yourself.

I learned from a friend about another market in Warsaw that have the same 70s-90s vibe around it and am eager to visit it soon. It's not connected with antiques though but that's not a problem. Stay tuned!