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Container terminal

There are few container terminals in Gdynia. This one is based on Bulgarian Embankement and is led by GCT - Gdynia Container Terminal S.A. company. On the opposite embankment is where the Stena Line stations servicing the route Gdynia - Karlskrona. The photo was taken from underneath the Kwiatkowskiego street which goes above the port level.

GDYNIA | View on containers waiting for shipping at GCT.

Moscow to Bejing

To be more precise it's Berlin - Moscow - Novosibirsk - Irkutsk - Ulan Bator - Beijing according to the author of this video. Enjoy !

Trans-Siberian Expedition 2014

It all started as a spontaneous thought and a part of a dream. And so it happened.. After fruitful discussions, reading through few blogs, books and websites a new project called "Trans-Siberian Expedition 2014" (ru. Транссиб экспедиция) has started. Together with few friends we are going to travel across Russia, Mongolia and China (Beijing) by train and learn the local cultures, customs as well as visit interesting venues / sights (the part of the route called Trans-Mongolian). All starting in August this year. More information will be coming as the project is unveiled. To get to know about the railway itself visit wikipedia page.

Edit: Future posts and Instagram photos about Trans-Siberian Expedition 2014 are going to be tagged #transsib2014

Coming soon..

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Ozmo and Tant

LONDON | Graffiti by Ozmo (
LONDON | Graffiti by Tant (

A. Davey. Builder.

An old advert from the manufacturer of outside window blinds, upholsterer and decorator can be seen on the top of Portobelo Road, Notting Hill, London. The company was established in 1851. I was not able to find any history on this firm on the Internet but the ad still remains despite the years passed.

LONDON | Old building wall on Portobello Road.

The Monument

The Monument to the Great Fire of London (often referred to as "The Monument") is based in the city center of London as a column commemorating the Great Fire of London in 1666. It is 62 m in height and is placed 62 m from where the fire has originally started. It gives a nice view on the city with Tower Bridge and London Eye (in far distance) in particular. Below you can see the staircase and two shots on the city from my Instagram account.

LONDON | Staircase in Monument landmark.

#london view from Monument towards Tower Bridge

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#london view from Monument

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Green green grass

There are not many vast parks in central London such as Hyde Park with adjacent Kensington Garden where you can just walk for hours while still being in the city center. Well maintained with a small lake and Buckingham Palace (and Green Park) just across the road they seem like the perfect place for Saturday's stroll or a morning jog.

LONDON / View on Green Park near Buckingham Palace.
LONDON | One of many squirrels in Hyde Park.

Murals pt. 4

Last part of murals from London. The first two, like the most of earlier ones, comes from around Brick Lane. The last one is taken by Instagram near Bethnal Green road.

LONDON | Graffiti near Brick Lane by Alexis Diaz.
LONDON | Graffiti near Brick Lane.

#londongraffiti #london near Behtnal Green road

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Stop the boats !

Is Australia dissatisfied with Briton's emigration to their country ?

LONDON | "Australia Says: Stop the Boats !"

Trafalgar Square

LONDON | Trafalgar Square at night with a view at Big Ben.