Marcin Konkel

Zakopane and Kuznice panorama

Zakopane and Kuznice towns are located on the south of Poland. Few years ago I had the chance to take the below panorama in perfect weather conditions with visibility lasting for miles and sun slowly setting. You can see a larger version of this photograph when selecting "Mountains" album and finding the below photo.

TATRAS | View from 'Miedzy Kopami' saddle towards Kuznice town.

The camera never lies

"The Camera Never Lies" is the title of a course on "film, images & historical interpretation in the 20th century for those who have a general interest in photojournalism, and films based on historical events." led by Dr Emmett Sullivan from University of London. It has already started (on Jun 24th) but it is still possible to join (no fees).

It's about how images influenced us over the years, about photographic manipulation and changing the historical facts as well as digital authoring. Sounds interesting ? You can learn more about this course by watching the video below.

4 seasons in Tatras

This is a great time-lapse video made by Józek Krzeptowski showing Tatra Mountains in different seasons. Locations used for this short video were Polana Chochołowska, Kasprowy Wierch, Gubałówka, Zakopane. To stop for a moment and ponder at the views you can visit Jozef's Flickr channel here where you will find some of the shots in higher resolution.

Tatras in black and white

Two of these photos were once present on my blog. Now I uploaded them again in black and white colors which, I believe, convey more and give a better viewing experience then earlier.

TATRAS | Mountain peaks emerging from the clouds.
TATRAS | View on Kuznice town from 'Miedzy Kopami' saddle.

Graffiti - SKM Grabowek

Graffiti - Gdynia SKM GrabowekOn Grabowek SKM (suburban train line) station one can admire the whole place being spray-painted with different motives. If your interested to find it go here

Extreme is the name of the game

People when striving for perfection can achieve the unbelievable. Here is a composition of 243 videos from the web (full list available here  - most of them shoot in slow motion. From extreme kayaking, ice climbing, slackline to motocross, dancing and other. Simply the best of the web in one video by Zapatou.

Prague at night - Vltava and Charles Bridge


Few more photographs from Prague. Two views on a park in Zizkov glancing on the old town and the park itself. Zizkov is a part of Prague with the highest density of pubs in Europe and my favorite one due to the views, climate and buildings. Another shot from Czech lovers day - Frantiskovy lasky and one from castle stairs.

PRAGUE / A view from Riegrovy sady (a park in Žižkov district.) on city's old town.
PRAGUE / Kids listening to live music at Františkovy lásky. event.


Trans-siberian train journey is one of the longest (if not the longest) in the world. It starts in Saint Petersburg and can end either in Vladivostok or Beijing. This video is in Russian but you can see how the life goes on in platzkart compartment. We can see the everyday life, the diversity of people and surroundings. Most people travel the Trans-Siberial railway for a day or two - to work or visiting relatives. Here, there are also short talks with Marina Ivanovna, lawyer, who travels from Vladivostok to Abakan and with Andrey N. traveling from Vladivostok to Chita  Depending upon which route you choose, the adventure can last for up to 10 days, one-way.

MMA Sopot - Budapest

Lately, with Natalia, we have taken part in International Hitch-hiking Championships (16th edition already) from Sopot (Poland) to Budapest (Hungary). The conditions of this event were fairly simple - one has to reach Budapest ASAP while travelling only by autostop. In cities above 125,000 inhabitants using public transport was allowed.

At about 11:15 on Saturday, April 27th, 250 couples (around 500 participants) were off. Some teams were aiming for getting one ride straight to the final destination. The best made it in around 15 hours. We weren't in a hurry and reached the capital of Hungary the next day. Below you can find some photographs from Budapest, Prague and Wroclaw.


After spending two days in Budapest we were heading to Prague - also by autostop. We managed to get two rides and got there around midnight on some lonely gas station on Prague's suburbs.


From capital of Czech Republic to Poland we decided to travel by train and made a short stop in Wroclaw (Poland) where the main train station was renovated with great wooden ceiling. 


WROCLAW / Main train station after rennovation works.