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Kamchatka 2016 postponed

This is the first time when one of my projects has been put on hold. Together with the Team we decided to pivot due to people coming and going. Some people got in, some got out. Well, c'est la vie. We tried to keep the momentum going and thought about changing the destination to Georgia and move through Azerbaijan to Iran (Teheran) and then back to Georgia through Armenia. Nevertheless, due to the war outbreak between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh region and the instability of the situation lead us to plan a journey to another region - Central Asia.

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The plan - Камчатка 2016

Planning is something needed at times especially if you want to know your budget that you'll need to have. Same goes for saving up some money in order to find the best price-quality ratio. It's quite easy to spend money to complete your dreams and desires. It's harder (or easier?) to make it as cheap as possible and still have a blast. The constraints have something fun in them because they urge you to think and be creative. That's why the more money you have doesn't necessarily mean that that you're gonna have more fun. When things come too easy to us we tend not to value them enough.

Volcano Koryaksky (Kamchatka) at Sunrise. Copyright (C) by kuhnmi ( Used under CC BY 2.0 licence.

Few of the above thoughts were accompanying us when designing the plan for our Kamchatka 2016 expedition. We have passed on going to Japan (flights too expensive) and pondered a bit on North Korea (still do) as an extension of our trip from Vladivostok. For the time being though we have what we need - an agreed plan and we're waiting for the promo's to come and to do our first bookings. Read more to find out what have we planned.

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Kamchatka travel diaries

Voulcanos on Kamchatka. Photograph (C) by Jolanta Siedlecka. See for more.

As we dig in deeper and craft the draft plan we find that not much is written about Kamchatka, the remote peninsula or Russian Far East. Or it's not easily accessible at least. We are reaching out to people and talking about our plans. Jola is one of these people. She has visited this remote land few months ago and has agreed to support us in terms of gathering information and contacts to locals. Jola is a traveller and has seen quite a bit of the world. She is blogging in Polish at "Dzienniki z podróży" (en. Travel diaries). Her last posts are about the journey in question. I've asked Jola about the impressions on Kamchatka and what were the highlights of her journey.

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Russian Far East is getting closer

We have our official logo of the expedition (above)! It was designed by Natalia Jaźwierska and we are proud that she collaborated to the project and devoted her time. This artwork will be used across all information regarding the project and the journey itself. Just as a reminder - you can also search #kamchatka2016 on this page and in social media to find content posted by us over time. Soon you can also expect an interview with a traveller that has already seen the distant land of Kamchatka.

Most movies about Kamchatka, at least at Vimeo, are about surfing, snowboarding or skiing. One can judge that the conditions for these sports must be at least good. "All about Kamchatka" is a promotional video about the region. Still it presents much more than just the mentioned sports. See for yourself. - illustration (c) by Natalia Jaźwierska.

Woo hoo! We have our official domain of #kamchatka2016 project - Project that has already started and we'll be flying to the far away land in Far East Russia in late summer / early autumn next year. You will soon be able to easily access all current information on the preparations, media and, finally, our journey with just one address. Stay tuned as we unveil more information.

For the time being enjoy Kokorev Konstantin's video on surfing in the most remote peninsula I know. 

Colors of Kamchatka

You could read about one of the upcoming projects #kamchatka2016 in an earlier article. We already have a team of four in place and starting with more meticulous planning. Kamchatka is a pure land with environment being as clean and abundant in life as Alaska was 50 years ago and it's changing for the better year after year. "Colors of Kamchatka" is a movie by Pavel Karykhalin and folks from Stereotactic telling the story of Maxim Balakhovskiy. Maxim is living his life on the road on the peninsula discovering new places and hidden spots every year. Watch his story together with pictureque vistas - especially scenes from a helicopter. 

Kamchatka and Japan 2016

Koryaksky volcano rising above Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Photo copyright by Vfp15. Published under CC BY-SA 3.0 licence.

There are many interesting places in the world to see and experiene. Prolific writers produce reportages in the form of books, essays, podcasts and others. Not many of them, though, have been written about Kamchatka Peninsula. It is located in the far east of Russia (see map below) with more than half of the population living in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The peninsula contains around 160 volcanoes of which 29 of them still active with climate ranging from temperate to subarctic.

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The land of volcanos 

Not only the land of volcanos but also abundant in fish (same as Alaska, USA was 50 years ago), wild animals (especially bears) and in pristine state, not polluted by human due to living conditions and it's remoteness. It's Kamchatka - a far away land in Russia located between Alaska on the East and North Siberia on the West.

This video tells the story of Maxim Balakhovskiy who is living his life on the road in his homeland. Each year exploring new elements of this peninsula and experiencing it somehow anew. Expect beautiful aerial views, volcanos and wild bears and more.