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A road with no end

It was a long awaited dream of mine to pay a visit. I heard a lot about it in the past and always in superlatives.. This time I'm telling the story in a different format. Hopefully you will like it. It's an experiment and I'm looking forward to your feedback. Click here or on the image below.

Spine of the South

The Overland Collective consists of six people. They call themselves adventurers first—photographers, filmmakers, and journalists exploring the world. Eric Hanson is one of them. He's done a beautiful video from his solo journey through Andean spine of South America starting from Ecuador to Patagonia in 2015. He used public transport and trekked taking few hundred thousand photos. The effects of his work you can admire below.

Photographic highlights of 2015 

BUDAPEST | A couple seating on a bench on Margaret island admiring the views.

This year came with several changes. The blog changed it's name to "Go further" which reflects how I view travelling and it got itself an own domain I also started working with The Travel Stories where I shed new light on the Trans-Siberian railway journey from 2014 in reportages from Mongolia and Russia. I also started promoting #kamchatka2016 project together with the team. Below you can see highlights from the places I've been to this year. Click on the photograph to go to the full gallery. Hope you like them! 

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Paroháč and other specialities

KARKONOSZE | Samotnia shelter.

Mountains, in general, are interesting not only because of their beauty but also due to the fact that they often constitute the line dividing countries. When you are leaving in the Schengen Area of the European Union its easy to visit other countries - especially their shelters as they are the closest. A bit earlier this year (on May 15th to be exact) you could read a piece "Early bird catches the worm" and see the sunrise as well as the sunset from Szrenica peak. This was final part of the trip to Karkonosze mountains. Here I wanted to share a bit more about how we go there. You'll read about Polish and Czech cuisine as well as see some of the places we visited. So.. Here we go!

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Early bird catches the worm

Getting up early is not something that most people fancy. For photographers or video-makers getting up in small hours of the day is often a blessing as they can catch the sun in 'the golden hour' when the light is more than desirable. The closer to summer the earlier one has to get up. This time it was half past five when the sun was reaching the horizon and around eight in the evening when the night was coming. Having my Nikon and GoPro cameras I wanted to capture the spectacle of light that was about to happen.

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Towards Beresnik

That was a foggy day and we were both tired and exhilarated after trekking from Pieniny, snowboarding in Szczawnica and were looking to settle down with a pint or two. Still, there was one more mountain to conquer and we were on route towards "Pod Beresnikiem" shelter in the mountain range of Beskid Sadecki. We were mostly walking in a kind of nothingness as we could see very little due to the weather conditions. It was all back in April 2013.

SZCZAWNICA | On the way to 'Schronisko pod Beresnikiem' shelter.