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Praha (ne)známá

"Praha neznámá" is a series of projects by Petr Ryska - including a website, an Instagram account and, quite recently, a book. Petr on everyday basis is discovering a bit different side of Prague. The one that is less known yet well deserving attention. During my last weekend in the capital of Czech Republic I revisited some places and found few new inspirations as well.

Rediscovering what you have seen can be an exhilarating experience. Not only because you have changed, people have changed but also, at times, due to the change in surroundings. Instead of rushing to many places to get the most of my stay I've taken some time off. No rush, just letting myself experience the city. I was afraid that I will not get enough material that would satisfy my never-ending thirst for better shots yet, having sat down to developing the photos, I was positively surprised.. Read on!

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A journey for a smile

It's when I started fulfilling my dream of travelling giving the foundations for #projects. It's like a bug that's incurable once you get going. It gives you freedom and you have to give back with expanding your comfort zone. You meet dozens of people which help but it's you that make the decisions if you'll use their help. I'm talking about hitchhiking of course but let's begin from the start..

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A forgotten journey - Prague experience

It was a backup plan for us to visit Prague. The long May weekend was about to start and we had to withhold from plan A to take part in the International Hitchhiking Championships 2014. Searching for other options, in the beginning there was nothing more then an idea of drinking a dark beer somewhere in the old town. Czech capital is one of those places in Europe that is occupied heavily by tourists - especially in spring and summer seasons - thus our beginnings were rough.

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