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Short: WAW - ARN

SWEDEN / Stockholm as seen from above.

Stockholm stands for what Swedish minimalist design is. The city, at times, looks like taken from an Ikea catalogue and I mean that in a good way. Starting with the street lamps to the favourite coffee houses of local inhabitants (like Espresso House or Wayne’s Coffee) - all seem to resemble the minimalism. Swedes also have a long lasting love for coffee (it's delicious) and are considered among the top nations in terms of consumption. See few of my other shots blow during a recent brief trip to the city.

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Chilly Sweden and warm fika

A train ride, a cab ride, another cab ride, two flights and a train. Finally, I'm in. That's how it sometimes is with those airline fares. Travelling from Poznan, through Warsaw, to Stockholm is half the price as from Warsaw directly. I'm in a city encompassing fourteen islands that, as such, resembles Polish Wroclaw. Not much more similarities came to my mind at first. On the other hand, I was not looking for them and focusing my attention on embracing what I see so "Hello Stockholm! So nice to meet you!". In this brief journey there were couple of things to do and see. What is fika? Why is 3,5% the strongest beer you can buy? What are the Swedes most proud of? Find out the answers as you read.

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From Stockholm with love

Pierre Oberkampf is a multi-talented artist. Apart from being a composer and a photographer, he is also a video producer. Picture & original music for the below movie about Stockholm are created by Pierre. The production does not shock with spectacular landscapes or vivid colours. It surprises the viewer with a rather melancholic features of Sweden's capital city. Yet, together with a well composed soundtrack, it reveals a more mundane, so to say, view on Stockholm. See for yourself.