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Short: Summer breeze

WARSAW / Pole Mokotowskie park.This vast (one of the biggest in the capital) parks has some crowded as well as secluded places. A fantastic place for a picnic, taking a slackline and few friends or a bike ride.

I'm in between things at the moment working towards regaining my attention to elements that really matter thus not much is happening here in terms of longer texts. Two to four trips in Europe and beyond await me in the upcoming months and you can expect new photographs pouring in starting September. For the time being I'm using the summer and close proximity of park to unwind and rethink things. These few shots I've taken recently around Poland.

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Short: Warsaw

The beachWarsaw's West part has "Vistula steps" and the East has it's beach. People prefer both parts but the difference is that on the concrete steps drinking in public is prohibited and the beach does not have any regulations as the law is unclear about the space. This invites various groups of people every evening that want to enjoy a bit of rest. The beach gives people also some more space and, in effect, seems to be less crowded.

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Short: Evening Warsaw

WARSAW / A flower seller on Nowy Świat street.

It's a diverse place with more and more people that come here and settle due to the professional opportunities and great access to culture and various events. That's one of the things that makes it interesting in the evening. Streets are full of people in the centre almost every day, whether is weekend or Monday evening. Yet it's possible to find at times a secluded place just for you. It's a bit of a conundrum for me to grasp but probably the time flies differently here. Below you can see few photos from a simple stroll.

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Warsaw's neon lights

They gain interest of the passerbys. They are old school and can be bent to resemble handwriting or almost any font or shape that you desire. They were once present in vast amounts especially in Warsaw which was a self-proclaimed "mecca" of this type of art. Since the change of system in Poland their disappearance started to be inevitable giving way to the new, cheaper, methods of advertising. The neons once forgotten are having their next honeymoon as more and more places appreciate them to lure potential customers or pay respect to the retro form that they resemble. Neons are back.

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A never-ending horizon

WARSAW | Palace of Culture and Science as seen from the 42nd floor of Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 in early evening.

There are these places that let you experience the world from hight above in the sky as if from a birds perspective. Although I've seen a few such places (most awe-inspiring being The Shard) they keep on mesmerising me with their endless horizon and illuminating city lights. The world seems so small and you atop of it all. For some it may inflate their ego and for others it may show the wonder of human thought, engineering and how we, as human beings, transform what's around us. Sometimes altering forever what we found in the first place.

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of visiting the 42nd floor of a skyscraper Cosmopolitan Twarda 4 constructed in recent years (2014 to be exact) in Warsaw. The weather was just perfect and I couldn't imagine a better opportunity for the photo session I was to hold. Warm, sunny, blue sky with some clouds here and there. The building, for the time being, is the second highest construction in the capital and third in Poland (according to Wikipedia) being 160 meters high with 44 storeys. As the name suggests it's based on Twarda street. What it offers to it's inhabitants can be found on Tacit Investment website. Kudos to Ms Agnieszka for having me! 

Below you can see how the capital city of Poland looks like from over 150 meters above the ground.

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Short: Details

Often we see them for a blink of an eye thus not noticing the exact shape, feel, look of the intricacies. Always on the run or with a distracted focus we try to delve for details but if done too quickly they tend to not show up. It takes time and attention to discover the small things, yet the most interesting ones, that are in an object that we have seen dozens of times but didn't bother to stop and look, listen, touch. On one opener exhibition in Warsaw by Robert Kuśmirowski titled "graduation tower" (pl. tężnia) I've done such an experiment and you can see the outcome below.

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Zbig with Mitch & Mitch

WARSAW | Zbigniew Wodecki with Mitch & Mitch playing on Plac Defilad.

Zbigniew Wodecki (Zbig) in Polish music (and not only) is a extraordinary musician and singer. Together with Mitch & Mitch Orchestra and Choir they played a gig celebrating 60 years of Palace of Culture and Science (PKiN) in Warsaw. The project called "1976: A Space Odyssey" has given a new life to the album "Zbigniew Wodecki" from 1976 with all of the songs rearranged. The outcome was spectacular. Zbig's talent and personality mixed with the new wave of alternative music that Mitch & Mitch represent have created an experience beyond expectations.

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Unité d'Habitation

Mr Le Corbusier (well actually Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris) was a man with great vision. Living in two centuries (1887 - 1965) he was working as an architect (apart from being an urbanist and the main representative of modern architecture). His projects were constructed throughout Europe, India, and America including the master plan for the planned city of Chandigarh in India.

'Pekin' seen from above. Copyright (C) Google Maps.

Few years after Le Corbusier has died a construction of a new building has begun. Designed by a couple of architects Oskar Hansen and his wife Zofia Garlińska-Hansen "Przyczółek Grochowski", or popular "Pekin" as people living there used to call it, has been something extraordinary. The works have ended in 1974 lasting five years. When last workers were leaving the site, the sight was impressive - 2330 flats for around 7000 tenants. All in one building stretching for 1,5 km, consisting of 22 units with a height varying from 3 to 7 floors. Today, it is still the longest building in Poland - not in a single line though but its broken several times under 90 degrees. 

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Warsaw in neon lights

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