Marcin Konkel

"Two men walking through a field." - from 'Through the express window' project.

What consists of a 'project'?

Prior to what you are viewing now, I have regarded every major excursion as a project. This helped me arrange things and encapsulate them in a single drawer. Nowadays, the former projects started being the new normal and I concentrated more on following a specific subject in my work. These are the 'new' projects. I focus here on a particular endeavour with a very specific outcome in mind. To understand more please take a moment to read through current projects:

#interview - my conversations with photographers, travellers and designers to learn more about their perspectives in a set of inquisitive and to the point questions.

#expresswindowproject - reliving how it was once to travel a train being focused on the world outside and seeing untouched moments from people and nature's lives. Read more in a story here.